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 Sachiko & FUKUOKA Rinji άTOMO∑ -12.25.2011 ON SALE

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PostSubject: Sachiko & FUKUOKA Rinji άTOMO∑ -12.25.2011 ON SALE   Sun Dec 25, 2011 11:39 pm

artist: Sachiko & FUKUOKA Rinji
title: a'TOMO∑
price: 1,500yen / 14USD
num: MA010
format: CD

The Duo of Sachiko and FUKUOKA Rinji(from Majutsu no Niwa) which were active together in OVERHANG PARTY performed sporadically in the past, in late years they increases the places.
This is the album that gained live in Paris and Japan on 2011.
Cello, violin and electronics to play of Fukuoka are on Sachiko's voice drone, and his voice is even more intertwined.
The sound takes in neighboring atmosphere, and filled with passion, It reaches the radio wave that Fukuoka uses and appeared on us whom there is there now.
The first piece offered a glimpse of unbearable reality from beginning to end in threatening intension. on the other hand, The second piece that recorded a performance in church E´glise Saint-Merri of Paris is sound of the prayer was dedicated in a solemn drone loops using representative song 'Prayer of a Fool' of late OVERHANG PARTY.[img][/img]


ともにOVERHANG PARTYで活動したSachikoと福岡林嗣(from魔術の庭)のデュオ。過去に散発的にライブを行ってきたが、近年その場を増やしており、これは2011年のヨーロッパツアーでのライブと日本国内でのライブをおさめたアルバム。Sachikoのヴォイス・ドローンに福岡林嗣のチェロ、ヴァイオリン、エレクトロニクスが重なり、福岡のヴォイスが絡み合う。周囲のアトモスフィアを取り込み、こもった熱情は福岡の用いるラジオウェーブに伝わり、今そこに在る我々を映し出す。終始不穏なintensionで、堪え難い現実を垣間みせられる1曲めに対し、パリの教会Église
Saint-Merriでの演奏をおさめた2曲めは、OVERHANG PARTY後期の代表曲Prayer of a Foolのループを用いた荘厳なドローンで捧げられた祈りの曲。
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Sachiko & FUKUOKA Rinji άTOMO∑ -12.25.2011 ON SALE
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