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 Abandonment label

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PostSubject: Abandonment label   Wed May 09, 2012 11:30 am

ABANDONMENT is a small independent bulgarian NET/CD-R/TAPE underground label specializing in Industrial / Noise / Ambient / Experimental music. Our goal is to promote interesting projects/artists and their own view for sound and philosophy. Our formats are on MP3 files (protected with Creative Commons License and available for free download) and limited DIY CD-R/TAPE editions.

Latest releases:


(Click on the cover to see the details)

[AB]CDR-010 ZZ /USA/ - Solar Grey (2012) / Harsh Drone / 3 EU (Included worldwide postage shipping) / Trades are accepted

ZZ /USA/ is a side project of Andrew Lippoldt from the doom metal project - Persistence In Mourning. Here he creates occult harsh atmospheric drone with many tape loops, slow drone guitars and many noises. 3 conceptual tracks. ZZ is perfect ritual!

DIY production / White CD-R with stickers, yellow cardboard box sealed with black wax, small insert with info and short mirrored story on the back side

LTD: 44 hand numbered copies

(please check out for availability first)


(Click on the cover to see the details)

[AB]TP-003 Mytrip /Bulgaria/ | EUS /Costa Rica/ Split (2012) C60 / Dark Ambient/Drone / 6 EU for Europe / 7 EU for the rest of the world (Include postage shipping) / Trades are accepted

Besides containing over fifty minutes of deep drones and dark soundscapes the third Abandonment tape proves boundaries and distance doesn't affect music. Physically Mytrip (Bulgaria) and EUS (Costa Rica) inhabit two remote parts of the world but in this split tape they are eating up the distance by transferring their presence in two sides that are far more reachable.

DIY production / C60 tape with sticker, glossy colored artwork

LTD: 44 hand numbered copies

(please check out for availability first)


[AB]-133 [] My Day Is Gone[/url] /Ukraine/ - V (2012) / Dark Ambient/Drone [102 mb] 43:37

[AB]-132 [] Balkar Wachholz[/url] /Germany/ - Mandros (2012) / Experimental/Drone/Noise [73,5 mb] 31:31

[AB]-131 [] Life’s Darker Than Death[/url] /Croatia/ - Silence (2012) / Dark Ambient/Drone [60,2 mb] 40:15

[AB]-130 Toth Kina Hegyfalu /Hungary/ - Inner Rooms (2012) / Experimental/Noise [103 mb] 43:22

[AB]-129 Zen 2099 /USA/ - The Life We Once Had (2012) / Post-Industrial/Dark Ambient/Experimental [43,6 mb] 43:37

[AB]-128 Trevor Dortwall /Poland/ - Somnium (2012) / Dark Ambient/Noise/Experimental [111 mb] 47:41
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Abandonment label
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