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 hakobune new cd 'While Shadows Sweep Across the Lawn'

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PostSubject: hakobune new cd 'While Shadows Sweep Across the Lawn'   Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:48 pm

SR-43 Hakobune 'While Shadows Sweep Across the Lawn' CD

Review by Norman Records:
Takahiro Yorifuji returns to grace the UK ambient drone underground again, this time on the Somehow label, one of a small number of quietly committed imprints devoted to the cause in favour of that quiet, personal music that so many of you lap up.
There are two tracks contained here that gracefully unfold over the course of almost forty minutes, diligently constructed from processed layers of guitar to create the musical equivalent of gliding above the clouds in an effort to reconnect with the beauty of a world that is buckling under the pressure of one of the heaviest burdens in the universe, ie. the human race. Infused with both a dense burnished sadness and epic swathes of peace, hope and calm, this Kyoto-dwelling producer often succeeds in reaching the highly emotive pastures and discreet majesty of Celer's more tranquil dream-scapes.

1. White Night
2. While Shadows Sweep Across the Lawn
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hakobune new cd 'While Shadows Sweep Across the Lawn'
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