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 [AB]TP-004 Saturn Form Essence / Ego Death split

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PostSubject: [AB]TP-004 Saturn Form Essence / Ego Death split   Sat Jun 30, 2012 11:30 am

(Click on the cover to see the details)

[AB]TP-004 Saturn Form Essence /Ukraine/ / Ego Death /Greece/ split tape (2012) C60 / Space Drone Ambient / Noise / 5 EU for Europe / 6 EU for the rest of the world (Include postage shipping) / Trades are accepted

The Fourth split tape is dedicated to the dark space sounds of Saturn Form Essence /Ukraine/ and Ego Death /Greece/

Deep vacuum sounds without any trace of human existence and chaotic passages of noise and dissonance.

DIY production / C60 tape with stickers, black 'n' white artwork

LTD: 20 hand numbered copies


(please check out for availability first)
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[AB]TP-004 Saturn Form Essence / Ego Death split
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