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 [AB]CDR-016 LSD - Seven Trumpets of Death (2012)

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PostSubject: [AB]CDR-016 LSD - Seven Trumpets of Death (2012)   Thu Oct 11, 2012 2:12 pm

(Click on the cover to see the details)
[AB]CDR-016 Little Sap Dungeon /USA/ - Seven Trumpets Of Death (2012) / Industrial/Ambient / 12 EU (Included worldwide postage shipping) / Trades are accepted

Little Sap Dungeon is a industrial project from USA officially conceived in 1997 by K.J. Cazier and A.E. Wilson creating apocalyptic industrial/soundscapes dedicated to the decayed society of the world! influences such as Godflesh, Skinny Puppy, Scorn, Coil, Dead Kennedys, Leather Strip, and many others, they also find much influence in surrealism, the paranormal, horror, nightmares, exploration and travel outside of known reality, brutal human acts of violence, fairy tales, desolation, invective behavior, religious and political bullshit and everything unknown. Seven Trumpets Of Death contains 7 pieces of doom and apocalypse! This release is on pro design and it’s co-release with Dungeon Recordings. Now we are the monsters of the world!

PRO production / Colored printed Pro-CD-R, Pro printed colored glossy artwork in jewel case into special black cardboard box printed in gold font

LTD: 100 copies

Dungeon Recordings – 50 copies
Abandonment – 50 copies

(please check out for availability first)
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[AB]CDR-016 LSD - Seven Trumpets of Death (2012)
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