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 ANALOGUE SONIC VOL.1[2011.11.27(Sun)]

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PostSubject: ANALOGUE SONIC VOL.1[2011.11.27(Sun)]   Mon Nov 07, 2011 1:49 pm



- ASTRO (Hiroshi Hasegawa, legendary analogue synth space noise)

- Quartzhead Conversation 02:
: Daisuke Fujiwara (tenor sax, electronics)

: Hataken (analogue hardware live improvisation)

: plus special guest Catz (analogue synthesiser)

- Dave Skipper (modular analogue synth noise/drone/squelch)

- collaboration improvisation session with the above artists

Hiroshi Hasegawa & Dave Skipper noise collaboration:
limited edition CD-R will be available at this event
Feeling of Timelessness: 73 minutes of fresh analogue noise


ANALOGUE SONIC is a new series of live music events in Tokyo, starting November 2011.

While we love many different styles of music, we have a deep passion for analogue synthesisers - their rich, lush organic sounds that are tinged with unpredictability!

Our concept for ANALOGUE SONIC events is to provide a context where musicians can perform and collaborate and improvise together with a focus on the deep sonic world of analogue synthesisers.

Analogue is not just a vintage memory from the past, and we want to demonstrate that analogue is alive and well in the 21st century, and you can be surprised at the wide possibilities in sound!

We will be bringing together Tokyo's finest live analogue sounds craftsmen in ambient, noise, jazz, avant-garde, techno and more!

Please enjoy, and make sure you look before you cross the road!

- Kenichi Hata & Dave Skipper
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ANALOGUE SONIC VOL.1[2011.11.27(Sun)]
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