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 Cynicdose Recs

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Cynicdose Recs

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PostSubject: Cynicdose Recs   Sat Mar 23, 2013 9:29 am

Cynicdose is a new DIY label for those into noise, drone, black metal, usbm, avant garde, synth pop, minimal electronics, industrial and basically anything with a blackened look and feel.

First batch.

Deadmoths - Social Interactions 2x cs32.

Double cassette. Over 60 minutes of sound dedicated to the discomfort in social interactions, while in itself an interaction between the like minded through donation and recording sessions. Harsh drone tracks with a very ominous feel. Laced with tape loops, field recordings and power electronics. From floating weightless in black to being forced into pavement.
A and B-side feature donated drone recordings from noise artist Raven.
D-side features a collab recording with isaac T.

Comes wrapped in a silver and floral hand ripped obi strip.

Cynicdose #01

Edition of 25

Spanish Cloister - Separation and Depression cs32.

Female fronted experimental noise / drone project out of Texas with a very eerie feel. Thirty minutes of dark waves lingering and droning that funnel into harsh tracks; emphasized by minimal spoken word and field recordings. The way hell would feel looking through purple glass in negative degree weather.

Cynicdose #2

Edition of 25

Roses of Sodom - S/T short stories zine + cs32 soundtrack.

A collab between Cynicdose and Communicating Vessels Press.

Three awkward and sexual short stories by Terrin Winkel.

Four tracks of industrial dance music. Constructed with a heavy influence from drone and Synth Pop. Brief moments are clearly influenced by Prurient's Bermuda Drain release along with much influence derived from lo fi techno based electronic acts such as Age Coin or Vanity Productions. From spacey pad synths to analog arpeggios to drone and crumbling noise. Darkness that slowly sucks you in to throw a few hip thrusts or nifty dance moves isolated in your room.

Music and art by KBT.


Edition of 50.

Terrin's Alt cover art

Cambodia Synth Service - Nautilus' Maze cs40

Experimental analog noise. A coma like voyage submersing you in strange other worldly sound. Twenty muzzled minutes that bring you to the brink of your sanity and back, questioning if your ear canals are absorbing the sound correctly. Additional edit on the B-side creating a new soundscape recycled from side A. Recordings from the man behind Ashley C and other Danish projects.

Hand painted cassette.


Edition of 50

Compactor / Raven - Split 2x 3'' card cut cds

A split between two ambitious members of the current DIY noise scene.
Featured on Worthless Records together along with Deadmoths, now the three reunite on Cynicdose.

The Compactor disc consists of a live recording that was mixed and tweaked. Industrial glitch power electronics. The amplified electric human pulse during a panic attack while drowning.

Raven's disc attacks with power electronics filled with shrill frequencies and an agressive structure. Sounds to make your mind and chest cave in.

2X card cut 3'' cds, comes in a black pop corn bag.


Artwork by Zeitgeists Publishing.

Edition of 25.

Visuals and purchase here
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Cynicdose Recs
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