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 Katsura Mouri & Tim Olive CD "Various Histories" (English)

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PostSubject: Katsura Mouri & Tim Olive CD "Various Histories" (English)   Mon Apr 15, 2013 4:00 pm

Katsura Mouri & Tim Olive CD "Various Histories"
845 Audio
Glass-mastered CD in recycled chipboard sleeve
Available direct via Paypal: olive845 AT yahoo DOT com
$15 U.S. inc. shipping worldwide

The first release from the duo of Katsura Mouri and Tim Olive, “Various Histories”, was recorded near Kyoto on a sweltering summer day in 2010, in non-air-conditioned discomfort. The density of the air and the heavy fug of heat is fully present in these five untitled tracks, with distant thunder tumbling down the mountainsides and sudden nearby rumblings charged by brutal flashes of electricity, gritty heat-static and the relentless life-song of subtropical summer. Or perhaps it’s all coincidence…
Mouri’s low-tech turntables and prehistoric analog delay unit along with Olive’s magnetic pickups and variously-activated metal, wood and plastic objects merge and meld, diverge and re-combine across thirty-four abrasive, foreboding and somehow beautiful minutes. Although “Various Histories” is essentially a real-time document of the multi-leveled density of this long-running duo, Mouri, founding member of the turntable group Busratch, also contributes a number of edits to several of the pieces.

For audio samples and distribution info:
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Katsura Mouri & Tim Olive CD "Various Histories" (English)
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