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 LE SYNDICAT "30 Years of Excess" 6 x C-60 Box Set

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PostSubject: LE SYNDICAT "30 Years of Excess" 6 x C-60 Box Set   Tue May 14, 2013 5:54 am

LE SYNDICAT "30 Years of Excess" 6xCS BOX (Influencing Machine Records)
- フレンチ・ノイズ・インダストリアル / パワーエレクトロニクス黎明期より活動するRuelgoことJean-Marie Onni率いるLe Syndicat。
82年-86年に自身主宰のレーベルLe Syndicat及び、Merzbow秋田昌美氏主宰のZSF Produktから出版された以下の初期カセット作品6種を纏めたボックスセットが正式に出版されました。
出版元は、Ruelgoが率いるもう一つのグループEntre Vifsによる、89年発表の唯一のカセット作品"Heavy Duty"のCD化も実現した他、ThetaやDajjalなど現在進行形の米国産へヴィ・エレクトロニクス勢や、Macronymphaの片羽Rodger Stella及び前者率いるHollow Bush。そしてSigillum Sの中核であるイタリアのベテランSshe Retina Stimulantsなどを出版する米国Influencing Machine Recordsレーベルとなります。


1. "Phase Segments/Boucles" (Le Syndicat ‎– 00 / 1982)
2. "Tot Mortar" (Le Syndicat ‎– 04 / 1983)
3. "Audiostatik Repress" (Le Syndicat ‎– 06 / 1983)
4. "Vagynaestetatis" (Le Syndicat ‎– 10 / 1985)
5. "Staying Alive" (ZSF Produkt ‎– K-12 / 1985)
6. "L'Arme De Force" (Le Syndicat ‎– 17 / 1986)

何れも"Delikatëssen / Vorgine / Relapse" 3xLP BOX及びその2枚組CD化作となる"Ten Years Of Excess" CD、コンピレーション参加曲等を収めた"Timespace Losses 1982 / 1987" CDなど、過去に再発されたアーカイヴ作品との重複は無く、新たにRuelgo氏本人がマスタリングを行い、アートワークにおいては、Entre Vifsのメンバーでもあった長年のコラボレーターZorïnが手掛けたものとなります。

本作品の日本国内の販売元は公式にLUST VESSEL DISTRIBUTIONとなりますので、ご予約並びにご注文はLUST VESSEL DISTRIBUTION公式サイト をご参照の上、lustvesseldistro[at]gmail[dot]comまでお問い合わせください。

///////////// Official Description /////////////

The first Le Syndicat performance took place in Paris in 1982 and was followed by a handful of tape releases. At that time, the trajectory that this project would take was unclear as Le Syndicat’s earliest work eschewed boundaries and constraints--a trait that permeates Le Syndicat's entire catalog. As is true with most great artists and musicians in their formative years, the minds behind that early incarnation of the project were unconcerned with leaving behind a legacy or radically altering the terrain of experimental, industrial, noise, and electronic music. The 30 years that have passed since that time have proven, however, that Le Syndicat has had a profound influence upon the aural, visual, and conceptual aesthetics of each of those genres.

In honor of Le Syndicat’s contribution, Influencing Machine will be releasing a six-tape box set entitled “30 Years of Excess.” This release will commemorate the three decades of Le Syndicat by reissuing some of the earliest and most elusive of the group’s tapes—none of which have been previously reissued. Each of these recordings has been mastered from the original source tapes by Ruelgo himself and will each feature the artwork and graphic design of longtime collaborator Zorïn. This release is expected to be ready in early 2013. More information will be announced as the project comes closer to completion.

The following recordings will be included in “30 Years of Excess”:

Phase Segments/Boucles (Le Syndicat ‎– 00 / 1982)
Tot Mortar (Le Syndicat ‎– 04 / 1983)
Audiostatik Repress (Le Syndicat ‎– 06 / 1983)
Vagynaestetatis (Le Syndicat ‎– 10 / 1985)
Staying Alive (ZSF Produkt ‎– K-12 / 1985)
L'Arme De Force (Le Syndicat ‎– 17 / 1986)

These six C-60 tapes come packaged in a handpainted box adorned with stenciled Le Syndicat Lorraine cross logo and accompanied by a 16 page booklet with artwork by Zorïn.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

LUST VESSEL DISTRIBUTION is official and exclusive distributor for this incredible box in JAPAN, and all the orders from the enthusiasts in Japan should be delivered directly from our headquarters.
If you'd be willing to get it without fail, do not hesitate to ask via lustvesseldistro[at]gmail[dot]com.

For more details, please keep an eye on the official web site of the label as below.

Lust Vessel Distribution HQ

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PostSubject: Re: LE SYNDICAT "30 Years of Excess" 6 x C-60 Box Set   Fri Jun 14, 2013 10:34 am

本日6月14日よりLust Vessel Distributionにて国内販売開始。


LE SYNDICAT "30 Years of Excess" 6xC60 Box (Influencing Machine Records) has Just arrived at LVD headquarters!
Available for purchase at
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LE SYNDICAT "30 Years of Excess" 6 x C-60 Box Set
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