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PostSubject: NON / BOYD RICE   Wed May 15, 2013 2:11 pm

・name: NON / BOYD RICE
・area: USA
・members: Boyd Rice (mastermind), Robert Turman (initial member for NON)
・alias (Boyd Rice): The Boyd Rice Experience
・involved projects (Boyd Rice): Boyd Rice And Friends (Fiends), Sickness of Snakes, Scorpion Wind, Spell, The Tards, etc.
・accomplice labels: Mute Records Ltd., Caciocavallo, New European Recordings, World Serpent, Hierarchy, Discriminate Audio, Club Moral, Extreme, Staalplaat, Cold Spring, Hospital Productions, etc.

Boyd Rice is an American musician, author, journalist, archivist, actor and religious spokesperson/ researcher based in Denver, Colorado. His untitled/self-titled LP (“The Black Album”, 1977) is considered to be a groundbreaking and highly influential release. Over the years he has been involved with several spiritual/religious groups and causes.

Boyd began his exploration of noise in the mid '70s with the aid of a tape recorder and various loops of girl groups, turning pop into a continuous drone. This first collection, known as "The Black Album" was made toward the end of 1975 self-released in 1977 and later re-released as "Boyd Rice" by Mute in 1981. Boyd met Daniel Miller (head of Mute Records) at his first gig in the UK, where he played alongside with Throbbing Gristle, and was among the first artists to be signed on Mute. He is also known for his 7" with treated noise loop grooves, which can be played at every speed and also off-center with extra drilled holes. The first of them, "Knife Ladder", was also his first release as NON. Boyd Rice also releases records with his own name and as Boyd Rice And Friends (with different guests), he does spoken words under the moniker The Boyd Rice Experience and a cover band of 60s' pop songs with the name Spell (with Rose McDowall). Various appearances on works of Blood Axis, Current 93, Death In June and others.
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