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PostSubject: NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS   Thu May 16, 2013 8:46 am

・area: UK
・members: Nigel Ayers (permanent), Caroline K
・alieses (Nigel Ayers): Spanner Thru Ma Beatbox, Reg Sailyne
・alieses (Caroline K): S.M. Andrews
・involved project (Nigel Ayers): The Pump, Unit 07, Hank & Slim, Transgenic
・involved project (Caroline K): Unit 07
・organized label: Sterile Records (previous), Earthly Delights (present)
・accomplice labels: Sterile Records, Earthly Delights, Third Mind Records, Cause For Concern, Illuminated Records, Datenverarbeitung, Trax, Touch, Dark Vinyl Records, Klanggalerie, Soleilmoon Recordings, Staalplaat, Endorphine Factory, etc.

Nocturnal Emissions is a sound art project that has released numerous records and CDs in music styles ranging from electro-acoustic, musique concrete, hybridised beats, sound collage, post-industrial music, ambient and noise music. The sound art has been part of an ongoing multimedia campaign of guerrilla sign ontology utilising video art, film, hypertext and other documents.

From early in their work, the group concentrated on the axiom of music being a form of social control, and highlighted concepts such as information overload, cult conditioning, brainwashing and subliminal advertising, in a critique of information society. Their music drew heavily on worldwide folk traditions as well as that of the international avant-garde.

The project was initiated in London in or around 1980 by Nigel Ayers together with collaborators Daniel Ayers and Caroline K. Numerous other members have come & gone. Now based in Cornwall, on a nodal point on the Mary-Michael Ley, the mission continues in some kind of polytantric union with the multiple personalities of one "solo" member and a cast of thousands.

Caroline K - R.I.P. - 12th July 2008.
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