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PostSubject: THE RITA    Fri May 17, 2013 10:34 am

・name: THE RITA
・area: Vancouver, Canada
・member: Sam McKinlay
・involved projects: BT.HN./Ba. Ku. MACRO, Edwige, Black Air, Vice Wears Black Hose, Kay Lawrence, Wall Riders, Zenta Sustained/Black To Comm, False Creak, Incision.
・organizing label: Lake Shark Harsh Noise, Militinat Walls
・accomplice labels: Lake Shark Harsh Noise, Militinat Walls, Survivalist, Almos Records, Mother Savage Noise Productions, Deadline Recordings, Spite, Self Abuse Records, Troniks/PAC rec, Thorax Harsh Cassettes, Iatrogenesis Records, Monorail Trespassing, Callow God, Trash Ritual, SNSE, Cathartic Process, Skeleton Dust Recordings, RRRecords, Throne Heap, Ecstatic Peace!, Harsh Head Rituals, Abisko, Utmarken, Erratic Sporadicism Tapes, Urashima, etc.

A grand-master of Harsh Noise worship from Vancouver, Canada.
Might be safe to say one of the pioneers for HNW (Harsh Noise Wall): No one had never called the dense/static/minimal harsh noise style and the substance as 'HNW' before he has described the term on "Total Slitting Of Throats" released in 2005.

BT.HN./Ba. Ku.: w/Josh Rose aka Sick Buildings
MACRO: w/Joseph Roemer from Macronympha and N.T. aka Kakerlak
Edwige: w/Dan Johansson aka Sewer Election, K.B. aka Mania (previous) and N.T. aka Kakerlak (present)
Black Air: w/Gordon Wilson Ashworth aka Oscillating Innards (permanent), Jon Borges aka Pedestrian Deposit (previous)
Vice Wears Black Hose: w/Richard Ramirez
Kay Lawrence: w/Cristiano Renzoni aka Alo Girl
Wall Riders: w/Taskmater and Richard Ramirez (partial)
Zenta Sustained/Black To Comm: w/Ryan Bloomer aka Stegm
False Creak: w/Taskmaster and Josh Rose aka Sick Buildings
Incision: w/Gene Symptoms aka Cracked Dome

Also known for the activity in militant Barrier Skateboarding team BARRIER KULT; The project name Ba. Ku., was later revised to BT.HN. for musical/noise activity, was initially set to produce the soundtracks for "Barrier Kult Horde Video".
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