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PostSubject: SEWER ELECTION   Sat May 18, 2013 7:41 am

・area: Göthenburg, Sweden
・member: Dan Johansson
・aliases: White, Ultra Fuck, Sören
・involved projects: Ättestupa, Enklav, Heinz Hopf, Källarbarnen, Edwige, Dog Holocaust, Forbidden Fuck, Mushroom And The Cross/Rock Penis, Prostitute Finger, Nightvision Campers, Document One, etc.
・organizing labels: Ljud & Bild Produktion, Utmarken (previous), Nattmaran (previous), Harsh Head Rituals/Spanking Ritual/Knull Kassetter/Ultra Fuck (previous), Sewer Records (previous), etc.
・accomplice labels: Harsh Head Rituals, Utmarken, Sewer Records, Chefsideologens Bolag, Klorofyll Kassetter, Release The Bats Records, Segerhuva, Vemod Records, iDEAL Recordings, Hästen & Korset, Kickacid, Styggelse, Freak Animal Records, Dokumentarisk Agenda, A Dear Girl Called Wendy, Second Sleep, Militant Walls, Troniks, Hospital Productions, Throne Heap, Tone Filth, etc.

One of the most strenuous Swedish project by Dan Johansson who is the key figure from Göthenburg.
The musical/sound direction focused on Harsh Noise purity at the first stage. Since around 2006 to present, he has been stepping into more wider sound experimentation and composition, working with cassette tape loops, body sounds, scrap metals, etc. Also know for various collaborative projects and some solo monikers.

Ättestupa: w/Viktor Ottosson aka Blodvite
Enklav: w/Viktor Ottosson aka Blodvite and Klaus H. Hansen aka Ashley C
Heinz Hopf: w/Matthias Andersson aka Arv & Miljö
Källarbarnen: w/Matthias Andersson aka Arv & Miljö and Sofie Herner
Edwige: w/Sam McKinlay aka The Rita, K.B. aka Mania (previous) and N.T. aka Kakerlak (present)
Dog Holocaust: w/N.T. aka Kakerlak
Forbidden Fuck: w/Jeff Witscher aka Rene Hell/Secret Abuse/Impregnable
Mushroom And The Cross/Rock Penis: Thomas Ekelund aka Trepaneringsritualen
Prostitute Finger: w/Thomas Ekelund aka Trepaneringsritualen and Stefan Joansson
Nightvision Campers: w/Daniel Fagerström from The Skull Defekts
Document One: w/Hannes Norrvide aka Lust For Youth, Loke Rahbek from Damien Dubrovnik and Frederikke Hoffmeier aka Puce Mary
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