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PostSubject: BLODVITE / ORQUERE   Sat May 18, 2013 7:46 am

・area: Göthenburg, Sweden
・member: Viktor Ottosson
・alias: Street Drinkers, etc.
・involved projects: Ättestupa, Enklav, Krökta Rum, Leafes, etc.
・organizing labels: Järtecknet, Preafekt Kassetter, Klorofyll Kassetter (previous), Utmarken (previous), Nattmaran (previous)
・accomplice labels: Järtecknet, Preafekt Kassetter, Ljud & Bild Produktion, Release The Bats Records, Utmarken, Styggelse, Posh Isolation, Joy De Vivre, etc.

Viktor Ottosson, a sound artist active in Gothenburg, Sweden, was one of the key figures of the now defunct Utmarken collective and he is currently in projects as Ättestupa, Blodvite and Krökta Rum. Also well known as not only an owner of the label Järtecknet but also also for distinguished audio mastering.

Blodvite consists of field recordings, tape loops and various instruments and effects to produce its fine sound art and the material often intrudes Post-Mortme / Industrial Noise territory.

Orquere delivers concrete sounds without effects nor electronic noise in the creation process. Just raw analogue manipulations with magnetic tape which carves out a sound that has its roots in both industrial, field recording and sound art.

Ättestupa: w/Dan Johansson aka Sewer Election
Enklav: w/Dan Johansson aka Sewer Election and Klaus H. Hansen aka Ashley C
Krökta Rum: w/Jesper Cannel

Short-lived vinyl only label Nattmaran was co-founded and co-operated with Dan Johansson aka Sewer Election.
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