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 PRODUKTION (as label)

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PostSubject: PRODUKTION (as label)   Tue May 28, 2013 12:46 pm

・area: Australia / UK
・mastermind: Paul Hurst, Ross Canon
・released acts: Produktion, The Dadarotator, Club Moral, Whitehouse, Fistfuck/Jill Westwood, Ramleh, Dogs Blood Order/Krank/John Murphy,, The Death And Beauty Foundation, Ake, Pure, Merzbow, Null, T. Mikawa, Tetsuo Yamatsuka (Yamatsuka Eye), Takahiro Krumoto, etc.

One of the keenest 80's cassette labels and the places as ProduKtion-HAIR in London era especially, which behaved as a hairdresser and yet dealt with Come Organisation and related stuff in the salon.

Also know for co-organizing (w/Mary Dowd) Equinox Event on 21 June 1983 at the Musicians' Co-op in London, UK, which was one of the first major UK/European extreme noise music festival.
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PRODUKTION (as label)
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