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 OMANIESCUM AORISUM "Mademoiselle Hélène" LP

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PostSubject: OMANIESCUM AORISUM "Mademoiselle Hélène" LP   Tue Sep 17, 2013 9:24 pm

Hi everyone,

OMANIESCUM AORISUM "Mademoiselle Hélène"  LP

Pressed in september 2013 to 155 copies. 12 euros + shipping.  
Omaniescum Aorisum is a violent intention cloistered between four walls that’s mysteriously looming since 2012. This harshnoise assemblage tinted with inconspicuous maxims of power electronics was therefore very logically named ''Mademoiselle Hélène''. Corrosive, cavernous feedback..., death knell is given and resonates as a tribute to one of the masterpieces of French cinema, Le Boucher, directed by Claude Chabrol in 1970. A caustic soundscape supported by a gymnopedic Erik Satie cover and a front artwork drawn by Nick Blinko of Rudimentary Peni.
Play it loud - on real speakers Wink
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OMANIESCUM AORISUM "Mademoiselle Hélène" LP
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