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 K2 & Techno Menses 1983-1984 archives

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Kimihide Kusafuka

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PostSubject: K2 & Techno Menses 1983-1984 archives    Sun Dec 08, 2013 11:50 am

The 1st phase of K2 is during 1983-1984. I released 13 kinds of cassette works. German label Vinyl-On-Demand decides to release the compiled works of this phase of K2 as 2LPs in 2014. Especially, the 1st cassete work has not been re-issued yet. Very rare!
At this period, I made Japanese synth-wave work as Techno Menses with Sakashits brothers. We released two kinds of cassette works. Vinyl-On-Demand decides to re-master and release the compiled works as 2LPs in 2014. This set is not "noise", but minimal synth wave! Japanese military songs!!!
Please wait for some months in 2014!!! I will keep to inform such re-issued works in details
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K2 & Techno Menses 1983-1984 archives
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