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 ANTIREALITY ambientoid noise from riga

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PostSubject: ANTIREALITY ambientoid noise from riga   Tue Feb 11, 2014 5:51 pm

antireality is a solo project from riga, latvia. it is mainly ambientoid noise with harsh and abstract elements, oriented to metaphysics, surrealism and sound mysticism. general sound sources are feedbacks, frequency generators, acoustic objects and field recordings, but i never use sampler/computer in creative/mixing process [only for mastering the final material eq/levels via soundforge 6.0].  antireality is active since 1999 and also has few sideprojects with other artists [stalkspace, an,, syndrome etc], earliest from 1996/97.  very few albums are issued in tape/cdr format by myself or local fiends, and mostly available as free dowloads.
i would like to share some recordings here, hope you'll like some of those. artworks and some info are included.
also looking for a label to release/re-release album/split/compilation in any format, and artists for collaborations/splits!

last fm -

noise wiki -


antireality - transpersonal spring [live in tartu 2011] [ep]

ambientoid noise.

instrumentarium - feedbacks, regular and bended frequency generators.


antireality - transparent time trails [2011]

ambientoid harsh noise.

instrumentarium - feedbacks, regular and bended frequency generators, metal objects.


antireality - swinging silver sinuszoid sirens [2009]

ambientoid noise.

instrumentarium - feedbacks, regular and bended frequency generators.


psihodezinfekcija & antireality - psychodisinfection against antireality [studio live 2009]

harsh noise.

instrumentarium - feedbacks, frequency generators, metal objects, contact mics.


antireality & armenia - split [2010]


split with the harshnoise veteran. instrumentarium - feedbacks.


antireality - sonik pollen [2011]

ambientoid noise,

recorded at moks artist residency in estonia. instrumentarium - feedbacks, regular and bended frequency generators, field recordings.


saami maalas, squarewhite & antireality - moksygen series one [2011]

ambient noise collaboration with finnish and singaporean artists

two studio live improvisations at moks artist residency in estonia. istrumentarium - sami maalas [finland] - bowed saw, squarewhite [singapore] - korg and mac, antireality [latvia] - feedbacks, regular and bended frequency generators.


antireality - kad ir miers [2010]


instrumentarium - feedbacks, frequency generators.


bērnu rīts, j.r.french, jgrzinich, s.whetham, sound meccano, antireality - ab hoc et ab hac [live@third ear broadcast radio naba 21.6.2009]

electroacoustic, ambient, abstract.

instrumentarium - fieldrecordings, found objects, frequency generator, piano, strings. no noise here..  released by molmika as cdr in few copies.


bērnu rīts, murmer, toms šiklovs, antireality - ačgārnā aizcirtne [2010]

ambient, abstract, electroacoustic

live improvisation at molmika base february 9th 2010.  instrumentarium - d.i.y. string instruments, motors, tapes, reed organ, wind instruments, found objects, frequency generator, jew's harp, prepared accordeon, voice. no noise here..


v/a - metastāsti [2010] [cdr ltd 30copies]

one track by stalkspace [abstract ambient], one track by error [digital noise], two tracks by antireality.

3way cdr of metastories by stalkspace, error and antireality. dreamy glitchbient from stalkspace, digital noise from error, harshdrone from antireality. released for metastāsti event 24.09.2010 in one of riga's soviet nuclear bunkers.


v/a - soinoise volume 3: measles [2012]

compilation with one track by antireality

01 Khronoprint Layerz - Antireality
02 ■ - Micromelancolié
03 Feminist Cyborg - Last King of Poland
04 Halftones - LLS
05 Ilkkusilmä-Metsämies pilvien takainen - The Day of the Antler
06 Love Song - Areyfu
07 Hunted Moon - Toymonger
08 Phencyclidine - Sleep Sessions
09 Filthspector - Salakapakka Sound System
10 Holes In the Universe - Andreas Brandal
11 Hormiga Cósmica - Zehel ?esbdrfcxfeu8t1k

compiled and released by paul soin from
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ANTIREALITY ambientoid noise from riga
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