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 PRE-ORDER: アビシェイカー/abisyeikah New Release! 5th Album "vanity" wav + Tシャツ

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PostSubject: PRE-ORDER: アビシェイカー/abisyeikah New Release! 5th Album "vanity" wav + Tシャツ   Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:53 pm

アビシェイカー/abisyeikah New Release!
5th Album "vanity" wav + Tシャツ
4.dirgelwch tywyll
5.encoded planet
6.sadly beast

昨年の"observation about air"以来となる5枚目のオリジナルアルバム。



ご注文はTwitter @katsumassacreかabisyeikah(at)宛にお願い致します。

abisyeikah New Release!
5th Album "vanity" wav + T-shirt
1. treasure
2. manpo
3. gangland
4. dirgelwch tywyll
5. encoded planet
6. sadly beast

2,000yen 6songs 44minuites.
The 5th original album which becomes since "observation about air" of the last year.
In the first place a T-shirt is attached to the sound as a jacket only by data this time to be brought back to a fact not to be an article to be visible with the music, and to get in a hand.
It became the content that arrived at a further new state this time, but I listen with own ear without relying for a commentary about the sound and feel it and want you to regain the nature in your ear.
A sample:
Well, you ramble in a neighborhood while listening to an album with a smartphone in a red-throated loon shaker T-shirt; business of the 10th anniversary of ※ organization! ※

I plan the end of March at the release / shipment start time. I accept a precedent order until March 9. I accept chisel size and the hope of a color and the ink color of the body for a precedent order. The size, please choose S.M.L.XL, the ink among black, white, red, gold, silver. Please refer to the list of attached images for the color of the body.
※ General sale is body black X ink white. There is the case that a limit is over to size.
In the case of an order, please order the combination of size and color you like. I accept the settlement method in bank transfer or PayPal. I send out publication and the shirt of the downloading address after the settlement.
I would like the order to Twitter @katsumassacre or abisyeikah(at)

color list
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PRE-ORDER: アビシェイカー/abisyeikah New Release! 5th Album "vanity" wav + Tシャツ
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