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 K2 "Audio Pathology Archives vol.6: The Urinary Bladder Tumor"

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PostSubject: K2 "Audio Pathology Archives vol.6: The Urinary Bladder Tumor"   Sun Jun 08, 2014 9:45 am

by K2noise on Sat May 24, 2014 8:07 am
月刊K2 100 部限定CDRシリーズ「音響病理学記録集」第六弾は「膀胱腫瘍」MTRの不調の為、先ずベーシックトラックをDATで一発録音し、更に音を重ねたスラッジ・テクノイズ❗️全1曲と、重金属テクノイズが、ここに極められた❗️心して聴くべし❗️直で買うと少しお安くなります。先ずはご連絡下さい。kinkyk2@ioud.comあるいはk.kusafuka@scchr.jpまで。

The 6th item of monthly K2 100 copies limited edition CDR series"Audio Pathology Archives: vol.6: The Urinay Bladder Tumor". Extremely sludgy technoise!!! Basic track firstly recorded alive and then additional sounds recorded and mixed! New soundscape !! Great work! ¥1000 (domestic) or ¥1200 (overse). Please contact to me: or
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K2 "Audio Pathology Archives vol.6: The Urinary Bladder Tumor"
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