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 Under (Belgium label) - Available releases/books

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Under (Belgium label) - Available releases/books Empty
PostSubject: Under (Belgium label) - Available releases/books   Under (Belgium label) - Available releases/books EmptyMon Jul 28, 2014 6:17 pm

Under is a Belgium label, mainly dealing in extreme and dark sounds (and art books).

Available releases/books on Under:

Spectres - Volume 01 (photography book - raw and cold content)
Urall - Open The Blood (ambient noise)
Veiled - Tabula Rasa (re-released, dark wave)
Die Reitenden Leichen - Dead Womb Music (HN with static filth)
Alogon - Wound (mixture of desolate soundscapes and noise)
Antoine Chessex - Errances (dissonant drones made out of multiple sax layers)
B.G. - Adaptation (HN surroundings)
B.G. - Cascade (HN surroundings)
B.G. - Somme (bleak tape manipulations and somber ambient)

BG releases (sub label with exclusive releases from B.G.):

B.G. - Indifference (HN surroundings)
B.G. - Solus (HN surroundings)
B.G. - Surrender (depraving HN surroundings) NOW AVAILABLE ON CASSETTE:

Under (Belgium label) - Available releases/books <a href=Under (Belgium label) - Available releases/books 0003355241_10_zps34df6e82" />

Thanks for checking them out.

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Under (Belgium label) - Available releases/books
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