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 MxHxTxO 's archives 2007-2014

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MxHxTxO 's archives 2007-2014 Empty
PostSubject: MxHxTxO 's archives 2007-2014   MxHxTxO 's archives 2007-2014 EmptyMon Aug 25, 2014 8:07 pm

MxHxTxO 's archives 2007-2014 Mhtow
MENTAL HYGIENE TERRORISM ORCHESTRA is a noisecore/antijazz project I started in 2007.
7 years later that time has come to end it (last gig is planned for november 2014, ultimate release somewhere in 2015... maybe...).
So I decided to make the whole discography available for future generations (so they'll know how retarded we were...).

It's basically noisegrind with screaming saxophone, fast drumming and distorted bass (or guitar). But by the time we explored many different directions, from noise black metal to distorted free jazz or even harsh noise.

For now I only uploaded old shits, the latest recordings will come later.

MxHxTxO is (almost) DEAD long live ANTIJAZZ !

MxHxTxO 's archives 2007-2014 Mhto-pod
Path of dignity - 2007
MxHxTxO 's archives 2007-2014 Mhto-fat
Fall of tyrants - 2007
MxHxTxO 's archives 2007-2014 Mhto-30
30 songs - 2008
MxHxTxO 's archives 2007-2014 Mhto-aj
Antijazz - 2008
MxHxTxO 's archives 2007-2014 Mhto-free
Free EP - 2008
MxHxTxO 's archives 2007-2014 Mhto-collection
Collection - 2007/2011
MxHxTxO 's archives 2007-2014 Mhto-unt
Untitled (split w/ Gorgonized Dorks) - 2012
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MxHxTxO 's archives 2007-2014
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